Monday, November 1, 2010


Three Indian Prime Ministers have put on record the Government of India's desire to peacefully resolve the Kashmir Issue. Former PM Narasimha Rao said "The sky is the limit"; Former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee said that a solution is "possible" within the ambit of humanity ('insaniyat ka dayra'). PM Manmohan Singh has articulated his government's intention to creatively look at "autonomy" within the bounds of the Indian Constitution. We believe that a re-modeling of India's federal framework giving more autonomy to the states could be a creative start to conflict resolution within India. We believe that a 'United States of India' will strengthen India's democracy. We stand firmly for peace and justice, end of violence and human rights violations. We stand firmly against violence perpetrated by the State and Non-State Actors. We stand for a India where all citizens have equal access to their fundamental rights. 

We want the Government, Civil Society, Opinion Makers, Intellectuals, Politicians to listen to the voices and suggestions of the youth. We want this platform--Unheard Kashmir--to be a repository of opinions on conflict resolution in Jammu and Kashmir. Unheard Kashmir intends to be the definitive voice of youth from Jammu and Kashmir and across India. Our ideology is peace, justice, end to human rights violations and violence, terrorism in the name of Kashmir and a honourable settlement of the Kashmir issue.